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Process Flexibility: When you are building a simple or complex low-rise, commercial structure, concrete Tilt-Up panels are truly the fastest, most accurate, efficient way to build. Bays, angles, door openings, window openings, and corners are all prefabricated right on the site. All panels are constructed in complete modules with no additional elements like tie-beams needed.

Comprehensive Solution: Using assembly-line techniques, layout and prefabrication is quick and simple. The pre-panelization process combines several “on-site” tasks into one two-step installation process. No other wall system utilizes as many pre-set components on the job prior to erecting the walls.

Fast: Panels are framed with conventional 2x lumber temporarily fastened to the building slab and additional "casting beds" when necessary. Trim molds are temporarily fastened to the building slab and reinforcing steel is placed directly over top on special chairs.

Efficient: Because of the unique process of prefabrication, elements of the panels serve multi-functions. The structural steel provides rigidity for the panel during Tilt-up as well as its structural reinforcement. All lifting and bracing points are pre-engineered; inserts are pre-set, tied into the reinforcement and cast into the panels when the concrete is placed.

Prep and Pour: Everything is pre-set, making installation quick and simple. Panel joints need nothing but a small bead of glue. Corners are prefabricated to lap together, making a solid turn at any angle.

Experience the Tilt-Wall Difference: Most Efficient Wall System

Placement Speed & Accuracy: The Tilt-Up panels are easily set in place with a crane. Panels are set on pre-set, leveled "shim pads" that have been secured to the footing. Pre-Engineered turn-buckle bracing is attached to the bracing inserts on the wall and bolted to the building slab for stability and adjustment. The result is one strong, continuous, straight, plumb and level wall.

Economical: For medium to large low-rise buildings the Tilt-Wall Shell approach is in many ways the “low-cost” solution. When all the ancillary requirements for other systems are factored in along with job cycle-time, Tilt-Wall construction typically comes out with more bang for the buck.

Finish Ready: Tilt-Wall's solid concrete configuration provides the most durable surface for the attachment of everything from simple paint & textured finishes to anchoring systems for virtually any type of siding and trim-work.

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