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howellDavid Howell, the Chairman & CEO of National Constructors, Inc., is a seasoned C.E.O. and administrator whose expertise applies to a variety of applications including residential, commercial, restaurant, institutional, hotel, commercial offices, shopping centers and industrial/warehouse applications. He is particularly experienced in dealing with small and large catastrophic reconstruction on a nationwide basis and has contributed importantly to multi-million dollar commercial ventures as well. He has worked for and with several prominent national organizations and is highly respected in the construction industry throughout the United States.

Administratively and operationally Mr. Howell’s talents extend to monitoring all aspects of projects development through a nationwide network of managers regionally and at each site. At the conceptual stage, he and they review the feasibility studies, later selecting the entire construction team. From a design prospective, National Constructors, Inc. selects the architect and engineer and monitors design schedules, consults on costs and institutes controls. As projects gain momentum to the contractual level, Mr. Howell’s overall operations responsibilities often extend to interfacing with proper government offices, developing or creating specs and monitoring the letting of contracts.

Reaching the Construction stage, Mr. Howell follows subcontract negotiating, delegating scheduling and coordinating, key equipment and material scheduling, controlling, expediting and on-site inspection responsibilities. From an Operational perspective, toward the end of the project, his office, assuming fiscal and operational accountability, is current with respect to construction claims and occupancy planning and scheduling as managed by National Constructors’ executives under this very able C.E.O.

Of special note in Mr. Howell's nationwide experience "from Boston to Los Angeles" has been the ever-growing need to effectively deal with environmental consideration. In that respect and on a national basis National Constructors, Inc., under the apt direction of David Howell, maintains current knowledge of environmental issues including producing impact statements and the processing of required permits and applications through city, county, state and federal regulatory agencies, including required public appearances and complementing low profile negotiations.

All of this is accomplished on a project by project basis, nationally, through a competent staff of project managers and construction superintendents supplemented by a well-coordinated home office team of which David Howell is both captain and sponsor, proud to assume responsibility and the pride for all that is performed as National Constructors, Inc.


Chief Operating Officer

In May of 2011, Michael Cabak relocated from Port Orange (Daytona Beach) to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area to join National Self Storage, LLC as their Chief Operating Officer. As the COO, he provides leadership and strategic direction for all operating and corporate support groups, including the organization's Operations, IT, Communications, Security, Marketing, Maintenance, and Human Resources functions. He develops and implements an operating vision for the company to support the growth of market operations for the Sunshine Self Storage brand. He is also responsible for the creation and execution of the budgets and business plans, producing targeted investment yield from the services provided and assets under management while actively seeking acquisitions and third party management contracts.

Prior to National Self Storage and National Constructors, Inc Mr. Cabak had relocated to Port Orange from Minneapolis, Minnesota to join Clark Properties as the Director of Operations for All Aboard Storage in January of 2008. As the Director of Operations, Mr. Cabak managed the Company's twelve area All Aboard Storage locations, totaling over one million rentable square feet and over 20 staff members. Mr. Cabak also oversaw the Clark Properties' IT, Communications, Marketing, Maintenance, and Security functions for 55 properties.

Prior to Clark Properties, Mr. Cabak held the position of District Manager for Minikahda Mini Storage in Minneapolis where he oversaw up to nine properties with approximately one million rentable square feet.  Mr. Cabak brings over 17 years of experience in Self Storage and Commercial Property Management.  He was also voted to the Board of Trustees for the Florida Self Storage Association from 2011-2013.



In August of 2008 Andres Barbosa joined National Constructors, Inc.  Mr. Barbosa directs the financial affairs of the organization and prepares financial analysis of operations, including interim and final financial statements with supporting schedules, for the guidance of management.  Mr. Barbosa is responsible for the company's financial plans and policies, its accounting practices, the conduct of its relationships with lending institutions and the financial community, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of financial reports.  His position involves supervision over general accounting, property accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, and budgetary controls.

Mr. Barbosa has a five (5) year Bachelor/Master’s in Business Administration from EAN University in Bogotá Colombia and brings over eight (8) years of experience in accounting.


Project Manager

Overall responsible for all aspects of construction and project development, standards and code compliance, develop cost models, budgeting and forecasting. Mr. Black has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Management from the Lawrence Institute of Technology as well as an M.B.A in Business Management from the University of Central Michigan. He also holds a General Contractors license in the States of Florida and Arkansas.

Mr. Black has over twenty (20) years of experience in the construction industry in both residential and commercial sectors.



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