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Construction Management applies effective techniques around each phase, i.e. Planning, Design, and Production to control costs while maximizing total project cycle-time efficiency and effective use of resources. Our involvement at or near the project’s inception allows for a more cohesive relationship between the professional teams involved in each project phase.

The benefit is a “fast-track” program, which in some instances is far superior to any other organizational method.

These services come in two primary forms.

  • Construction Management (Agency) – National Constructors acts as the principal agent to advise on and manage the project from conception to completion. Under this approach National Constructors assists in negotiating subcontracts directly between the trades and the owner. This approach maintains fiduciary responsibility for the project with you.
  • Construction Management @ Risk (CM@R) –this hybrid method provides the same professional management assistance on value-engineering, budget, cost control, and scheduling considerations during the Planning and Design phase. Prior to the Production phase a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is negotiated and established through the normal bidding process with subcontractors. From that point on National Constructors performs all duties in substantially the same manner as a typical General Contract dictates.

National Constructors Management services can be custom tailored to meet specific goals and objectives. Give us your ideas, sketches, conceptual needs, time-tables, etc, and let us create the program that best suits your project and you.

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